Recently I stumbled upon an old book by Olive Lodge, Peasant Life in Yugoslavia, written just prior to the Second World War. It is actually a very interesting ethnography, with numerous great illustrations. The book focused mostly on Serbian part of Yugoslavia, with a couple of sections devoted to Muslims, but provided many vivid details about rural life in the interwar Yugoslavia that soon disappeared with the war. What was left was targeted by the socialist modernisation of the countryside afterwards.

Here are some pictures I scanned from the book, showing very colourful mixture of different dress codes, customs and way of living. The quality is not great, but you can't help it. All captions were written by Olive Lodge. By the way, the book was funded by "The Jugoslav Publication Fund administered by the University of London School of Slavonic and East European studies," if only such fund would exist now at SSEES.

Radmila a little serbian from Sarajevo village

Radmila, a little Serbian from Sarajevo village

Fatma a little moslum of Sarajevo

Fatma, a little Moslum of Sarajevo

Carrying baby in Pirot

Carrying baby in Pirot

Going to field work one baby on arm another in the cradle on her head held firm by rake tutin

Going to field work, one baby on arm, another in the cradle on her head held firm by rake. Tutin

full trousers in Sarajevo

Full trousers in Sarajevo

old type of water-cart used in side streets only sarajevo

Old type of water-cart, used in side streets only. Sarajevo

Moslem house in Visoko Bosnia

Moslem house in Visoko, Bosnia

Montenegrin leaving kafana in Pec

Montenegrin leaving kafana in Peć

The Painted Mosque in Tetovo

The painted mosque in Tetovo

Albanian peasants returning to Janjevo

Albanian peasants returning to Janjevo

Peasants thatched cottage novi pazar district

Peasant's thatched cottage, Novi Pazar district

Making mud bricks outskirts of Prizren

Making mud bricks; outskirts of Prizren

cottage showing verandah-room glodje disctrict

Cottage showing verandah-room where author stayed. Glodje, Tetovo disctrict

peasants at church of st. michael and all angels temska

Peasants at Church of st. Michael and all angels, Temska, after service on day of Slava

Searbian peasant women at the sultans tomb

Searbian peasant women at the Sultan's tomb

Moslem women bringing lambs to Sultan murads tomb st. georges day

Moslem women bringing lambs to Sultan Murad's tomb, St. George's day

All these images were made by Olive Lodge in the 1930s.