Having a blog while doing a PhD is very weird thing. I am not really sure why I need it, but I hope that developing my ideas and showing some progress publically would help the whole project. At least, thinking about these ideas while making them public, might help me to see them more clearly and to understand them better.

There is only one rule that I set to myself for this blog: it is NOT going to be one of those "smart" how to... blogs. I don't intend to provide any advice on any issue concerning academic life, nor do I intend to accept any. 99% of PhD students' blogs are like that, and for me they are utterly rubbish. I do not care how these authors organise their time, talk with supervisors, or how they give lectures, balance private life, etc. I believe that no one needs such tips and advices!

As I said, this blog will be about my ideas and work in progress. I will discuss authors and their books, present what I find interesting, and if I am not lazy argue with what I disagree. Eventually, I hope that writing this blog in the time when I would usually rest or drink some beer is going to benefit my PhD in that sense as well.